Memo Gate Commission summons Haqqani to Pakistan on March 26

Karachi News.Net Monday 19th March, 2012

The Memo Gate Commission has summoned former Pakistan ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani to Islamabad on March 26 to testify on the issue.

Haqqani had requested that he be provided the same opportunity as Ijaz to record his statement and participate in a cross examination from Pakistan's High Commission in London via video link, citing his heart condition and his new job in the US as reasons. is request, however, was turned down by the commission, The Express Tribune reports.

Ijaz had been exempted from appearing before the commission in person.

The commission also decided to provide a last opportunity for Haqqani and his counsel Zahid Bukhari to either submit an admission or denial of evidence provided by Ijaz regarding the memo.

If Haqqani denies the evidence, then the commission will ask the panel's secretary, Raja Jawad Abbas, to hire forensic experts to examine his BlackBerry device. (ANI)

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